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Do not fear, Tixte is here!

No matter who you are, or what your interests are, there are games for everyone. Math Wizzez can play our logic games. Pro players can play our intense challenge games. Friends and family can play our online multiplayer games!

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Online gaming has never been easier! Simply sign up for an acount in various ways, and instantly get full access to all the games on our hub!Still not convinced? Watch the tutorial to prove how easy it is to get started.

You know you're safe.

We try to collect as little data as possible, but as a gaming platform, we still require some. But no matter how much infomation we store we can assure you it's safe. We use state of the art Scrypt encryption on all passwords and store it with only our most trusted partners so not even Tixte can read it. We also take top notch precautions to make sure our multiplayer games are secure and safe.

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Kid tested. Family approved.

Tixte makes sure all our games are safe for all ages. If a game is flagged for a specific age group Tixte will notify you before you can play the game. If a game may be inapporiate for younger users 7 or below(ie: includes violence) Tixte will notify you and ask you to verify your age. If you are conerned about a game you can contact site admins and your voice will be heard.

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NEW! Introducing Multiplayer Games!

Introducing the Tixte multi-API. Play online with friends on any Multiplayer tagged game on the Tixte hub!

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Your game. Our hub. 100% user satisfaction.

Are you a developer looking to get their game "out there"? If so, your in luck.
Tixte now offers the ability to put your own games on the Tixte hub. Simply fill out this form, and we will look over your app, then add it if all requirements are met!

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From its ultra-simple ease of use, to its high-quality games and support it truly is the future.
Don't believe us? We get it, thats why we've included a demo of the hub for you below. Go ahead and give it a try!